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19th Oct 2020 - Can Next Generation EU turbo-charge European equities?

16th Oct 2020 - What is the EU Green Deal and how might it impact business?

15th Oct 2020 - Five trends to watch in China’s consumer sector

15th Oct 2020 - How we can measure companies’ impacts on society: our award-winning SustainEx tool explained

14th Oct 2020 - Institutions don’t share retail investors’ optimism on returns

14th Oct 2020 - Why the office is still thriving in continental Europe

13th Oct 2020 - Sustainable Investment Report Q3 2020

13th Oct 2020 - Winter of worry? What the data is telling us

12th Oct 2020 - Can behavioural finance explain how investors think about sustainability?

8th Oct 2020 - Why investors should stay positive on China

8th Oct 2020 - Why the energy transition is about more than generating clean power

7th Oct 2020 - Which stock markets look cheap as we enter the final quarter of 2020?

7th Oct 2020 - Why sustainability matters to global cities

6th Oct 2020 - Quarterly markets review - Q3 2020

2nd Oct 2020 - Trump tests positive for Covid - but should it matter to investors?

2nd Oct 2020 - Three things you should consider when investing in credit

1st Oct 2020 - Covid-19 and "stakeholder capitalism": actions speak louder than words

1st Oct 2020 - Can emerging Europe close the performance gap?

1st Oct 2020 - Q&A: The demographic challenge facing European cities

30th Sep 2020 - The maths of why growth companies are beating value

30th Sep 2020 - Has demand for oil already peaked?

29th Sep 2020 - Our multi-asset investment views September 2020

24th Sep 2020 - Super Sunak can't save every job

23rd Sep 2020 - Johanna Kyrklund: Trump or Biden - should investors really care?

22nd Sep 2020 - Seven reasons behind the resilience of "green" investments in the pandemic