We have been providing drawdown, annuity and investment advice since our incorporation in 1999.

Not many firms can say they have been managing their clients' Pension Drawdown Schemes, along with their investments, for over 21 years. We can, and we have built loyal customer relationships doing it.

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Fidelity Awards

Investment Week Fund Manager of the Year Awards 2020
Investment Week Award Winner 2020

We are delighted to see that our strategic partner, Fidelity, has been successful in the Investment Week Fund Manager of the Year Awards 2020 (Winner of Global Group of the Year and Asia Pacific ex Japan). Congratulations from the team at Pension Drawdown Company

What is Pension Drawdown?

Pension Drawdown, otherwise known as Income Drawdown or Flexi-Access Drawdown, is a personal pension plan which allows you to access your pension to provide a variable income stream, whilst keeping your pension funds invested and under your control.

Pension Drawdown has existed in various forms since 1996 (historically as Capped Drawdown and Flexible Drawdown), but April 2015 heralded the biggest changes to Pension Drawdown products in a generation.

The April 2015 changes granted Pension Freedom to everyone - the right to access your pension from the age of 55 in any way you choose.

New products have
been introduced to
reflect the new
Pension Freedoms.



Now more than ever
it is important to take
regulated financial advice
from experienced
professionals to ensure
you are making
the right decisions
for your future.

The main retirement providers are continually evolving their enhanced products including:

  • Flexi-Access Drawdown
  • Uncrystallised Fund Pension Lump Sums (UFPLS)
  • Annuities with 20 & 30 year guarantees
  • New products allowing a "Blended Approach" of annuity, drawdown and a cash account

More on Pension Drawdown

After your home, your pension is likely to be your most valuable asset, so it is important to make sure you are taking advice from regulated and experienced professionals who understand all of the latest products whilst being cognisant of historic legislation and product features which may still apply.

Although many of the older types of pensions do not offer the new income flexibilities or death benefit options from the new Pension Freedoms, some of them might offer valuable guarantees that may be worth keeping. You should take regulated financial advice from a pension specialist to ensure you are making the right decisions for your circumstances.

Your pension is outside of your estate from an Inheritance Tax perspective and the latest changes in legislation means that if you die before age 75, it is possible to leave your pension tax-free to your nominated beneficiaries.

> What if I am already in Capped Drawdown
> What if I am already in Flexible Drawdown

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Pension Drawdown Calculator

With Pension Drawdown, you draw an income while remaining invested.

The level of income you choose to take and the investment returns achieved will affect how long your money will last.

This calculator is designed to help you understand the balance between investment growth, capital preservation and income sustainability for your lifetime.

What is a sustainable income given your pension fund?
Learn how your investments and the income generated from them may last.

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Please note the results are only a guideline, income withdrawals may further erode the value of your drawdown fund. Talk to you Financial Adviser before deciding on the amount of any withdrawals.