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What is Pension Drawdown?

A Pension Drawdown (or Income Drawdown, Income Withdrawal, Pension Release as they are sometimes called) is a personal pension plan from which you can draw an income. You may also hear the names Capped Drawdown and Flexible Drawdown when referring to Pension Drawdown.

  • You can take a 25% tax-free lump sum from age 55
  • You can take an income between 0 and 150% of the rate set by the Government Actuaries Department (GAD).
  • The income you withdraw can be varied at any time up to the minimum or maximum amount above to suit your needs or control your tax liabilities
  • The maximum income is reviewed and recalculated every three years currently
  • You can transfer any number of pension plans (personal and occupational) to one single income drawdown plan
  • You retain ownership of your pension fund and control of your investment

If you would like to speak to a friendly advisor about Pension Drawdown, please call us free on 0800 03 04 008, or send us an email.

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Pension Drawdown Calculator

You can use our drawdown calculator to calculate how much income you can obtain from your pension pot.

This drawdown calculator uses the the 2011 GAD Rates table as per the HMRC specification. We obtain the current GAD rate itself from Scottish Life.

The drawdown calculator is free to use. We never pass on or share your details to any third party.

The value of investment and income from them may go down.
You may not get back the original amount invested.

Chartered Financial Planners

The Pension Drawdown Company is a Chartered practice. So what does it mean to work with a Chartered Financial Planner? What are the benefits? Watch our video below to find out:

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George Osbourne is Scrapping the Death Tax

In April 2015, the Chancellor will scrap the "punitive" 55 per cent rate on drawdown pension funds due when the holder dies. Dr. Ros Altmann, the pensions expert and Government adviser for older people, said: "This is another great piece of news for pension savers".

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UK Budget 2014

For the first time since he entered No11 Downing Street, the Chancellor of the Exchequer has been able to give a budget speech that contained some welcome news. Pensioners will be better off as they will no longer be required to purchase annuities and they will be able to draw down on their pension without risking incurring charges.

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There are many different types of pensions, including Personal Pensions, Final Salary Schemes, as well as several others. Some key features of a pension include:

  • A tax-efficient way of saving for retirement
  • Tax relief is available on contributions
  • In most cases you can transfer and consolidate your plans to alternative providers at any time
  • Choice of options when you reach retirement – Drawdown or Annuity

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Retirement Options Guide

Pension Drawdown PDF Guide to Download
Download our comprehensive retirement options guide by clicking on the above image.


Buying a Pension Annuity means that you are converting your pension fund into an income that will be paid for the rest of your life. A Pension Annuity is a Secured Pension because the income amount is guaranteed for life, unlike a Drawdown plan which is an Unsecured Pension (USP).

A Pension Annuity can be purchased with the entire pension fund that is available or it can be from funds after the tax-free cash (usually 25%) that you are entitled to has been taken. The amount of income you are entitled to will depend on the Pension Annuity rate at the time of purchase. The Pension Annuity and its terms are fixed at the outset whereas a Drawdown plan allows you to vary the income payments.

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