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I was recommended to the Pension Drawdown Company by a colleague and planned to see a number of advisers before making a decision on who to trust my financial future with.My wife and I met Suzanne Walker and were so impressed with her professional approach. She took the time to get to know us, understand our goals and ambitions both inside and outside of work and tailored her advice to our unique needs. We quickly decided that we didn’t need to speak to anyone else.We have not been disappointed since. Jonathan, Suzanne and the team are always on the end of the phone when we need advice and to guide on investment choices. We took the opportunity earlier in the year to visit the Offices in Torquay to see how they work together. We Were able to review our Portfolio with Jonathan and also spent some time to take in the beautiful surroundings offered by Torbay.Their professionalism and support through the Covid 19 Pandemic has been exceptional. Clearly for investors this was, and still is a worrying time but you feel you are in safe hands with a team who will expertly and actively manage your portfolio to minimise potential losses whilst always looking at opportunities to grow your funds. I have every confidence in Suzanne and the company as a whole and have been pleased to be able to recommend friends and colleagues.
Paul and Clare Meredith St Leonards on Sea, E Sussex

We are so pleased with the professional way that Suzanne Walker has assisted us, her understanding and advice regarding the bond and pension options have been excellent. We have taken everything on board and many thanks to her, and her advice is always invaluable.
Jeff and Ro Woodbridge East Molesey

What a big decision it was to make between a blue chipped Banks gold plated final salary scheme or a venture into transferring out the pension to an investment portfolio with all the risk and rewards to balance.Banking habit made me weigh up very carefully the decision to consider transferring it away from the Bank and then secondly with a full market place, who to choose to manage it. I did not want a small firm as continuity was important to me, yet equally I did not wanted to get lost as a number in a large firm. The Pension Drawdown company came to my notice by a colleague and after detailed research and comparison with other like firms I made the decision to go live with them in July 2018.With the benefit of hindsight my reasons for choosing them have indeed been most positively endorsed -not least in following key ways:1/ An excellent personal relationship with a number of the team who are each able to help and communicate well -my relationship adviser Suzanne has been really proactive and a great aid to help my portfolio grow as well as add value and help along the way with other life events such as powers of attorney2/ I keep comparisons with other like advisers and the performance of my portfolio has performed well against such since starting in July 2018. This has been aided by their regular reviews and switching between funds and even at times pulling back into cash only to invest again when market lower.3/ The recent test to the market with the pandemic of coronavirus saw my portfolio shrink from my initial sum invested to its lowest point by 11% after all charges, whereas the FTSE 100 was down at the same lowest point in 3/2020 by 30%. While the FTSE has still a long way to recover still down 18% my portfolio has now regained its initial value even after charges.A big thank you to Suzanne and the team!
Paul Guildford, Surrey, retired

Just a brief note to say 'Great Work!' with my pension fund performance. Having joined you in June of last year, I had a target in mind for 2019 year end that you achieved.No-one could have predicted what happened in March. My fund fell approx 16% from peak to trough (fingers crossed there'll not be another!) and approx 14% from initial funding level. For it to now (close of play 20 May) to be back at 97% of initial funding level (net of almost 12 months' fees) and 93% of peak is a great performance - in context, the FTSE is still only at 79% of 12 month peak, perhaps not the most relevant comparison but a reasonable yardstick.So, 'Great Work!' by you, the team around you, the fund managers and funds you pick.Keep it up and let's keep this positive momentum going. Many thanks,
James Business Consultant

I've been a client of PDC for almost 3 years. During that time we’ve experienced Brexit and more recently Covid-19, with its unprecedented global health and financial challenges.Whilst I have seen the value of my fund fall in recent months, and gains wiped out, the falls were significantly less than global markets. Six weeks on, from the low point, my fund is now back in a positive position proving that my portfolio is well managed and resilient. This is down to the skill and considerable experience of Jonathan, and his team, ensuring during these difficult and complicated times I can sleep well at night in the knowledge my pension is in very good hands.
Adrian Curtis Retired Banker, South Devon

Since I placed my pension fund management into the hands of The Pension Drawdown Company 6 years ago I have been pleased with the customer service provided and fund growth they have achieved for me. Thank you to the Company and particularly to Ben who manages my account. You guys are keeping your focus on the future and I feel my investment is being well managed. Would recommend.
Peter Allison Retired, Pulborough

The advice received from Roger Easterbrook and the team at the Pension Drawdown Company to help make the decision to move my pension into a drawdown scheme was clear and I had no hesitation in making that move. The value of the funds has subsequently increased in line with their initial forecasts and making the move has enabled me to plan retirement at 55, something I wouldn't previously been able to contemplate.I have complete trust in the Pension Drawdown Company to manage my pension and safeguard my financial future and that of my family.
Steven Charles Banker, Exeter

Having worked for a Bank for 32 years, I was interested in moving my company pension to somewhere that could help me manage the funds and ensure that my wife would be comfortable financially should anything ever happen to me. Suzanne and Mark have been great from the start, explaining the pros and cons of moving my pension, and then handling the transfer for me plus the subsequent investments. Twelve months on and I am delighted with the performance of my pension, with regular ongoing contact from Mark to discuss progress.I would not hesitate to recommend the Pension Drawdown Company to others.
Dave Smith Bristol (retired Communications Manager)

It's a friendly, professional team that works with you to support your goals and ambitions. What stands them apart is their accessibility. What I mean about that is you can tailor the service to suit your needs. In times of great turmoil it is important to never underestimate the ability to pick the phone up and talk things through. You can't do that with many managed funds and it's that contact and ability to talk and discuss different paths that makes the difference. Never underestimate the ability to talk and bounce ideas off especially when large sums are involved. I am confident that I will achieve my goals even with what is happening with the current COVID-19 situation as the team actively manage your funds daily and take pro active and corrective action to ensure your portfolio is not only on track but safe. There is no better recommendation than that in my opinion
Mark Bruty Bank Manager. January 2020

I'm so glad that I was recommended to you and the company, as Barrie and I together, have a much clearer understanding of our retirement future and feel more confident in this knowledge.
Kath Forcer Devon. March 2018

Suzanne Walker is a first-rate financial adviser. Professional, knowledgeable and compassionate, she takes time to understand the complexities of your situation, before offering clear and concise guidance. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for help with long-term wealth management.
Kathryn Kelly Kathryn Kelly PR and Media

I have been a client of the Pension drawdown Company since 2006 when I decided to retire from my career as a practising chartered accountant. I have been totally satisfied both with the advice and performance received. Despite having received income from my fund for the past 10 years, the fund has actually increased in value. I did, a few years ago decide to invest some other funds into ‘property for rent’; that transaction fell through and fora while I tried to manage my own assets through a well known ‘fund supermarket’. I soon discovered that I did not have the expertise, was not getting anything like the advice, so returned to the Pension Drawdown Company! I have not for one moment regretted that decision.
Evan Roberts Swansea

In 2012 I discovered The Pension Drawdown Company and liked the flexibility they offered. Especially because my wife was 16 years younger than me and annuities in that scenario are poor. It also allows me to bequeath the remainder of the fund to her. In the 4 years I have been with them I have found that they listen to me and tailor my portfolio accordingly. Their advice has grown my pension in the last year by over 10% something a pension annuity would find impossible to match. There is a risk but I do feel that it is managed diligently. They recommended Old Mutual, another factor which pleased me, this is a strong well managed company with a good track record. I would there for have no hesitation recommending The Pension Drawdown Company.
Ken Smith Retired Managing Director, S Yorkshire

I have been a client of Pension Drawdown since May 2008 and have been delighted with the progress made by my portfolio. More recently in July 2016, I decided to transfer my existing ISAs into their new Met Life Guaranteed ISA. Initial results have been excellent and my fund has gained 2.6% in just 5 weeks. This is far in excess of the notional 5% per year that I was expecting. It is also very reassuring that these gains are safeguarded against any possible future fall in the markets.
Mike Walsh Carpenter, Torquay

I have been a client of Pension Drawdown for 4 years and have always been pleased with the service, advice and performance and the team are in regular contact with me. However, as a result of the recent Pension Freedom legislation, I now have total control of my income, and now I can leave my pension to my husband or children entirely tax free. For people like me, who want control of their pension, and the ability to pass a legacy to my children, The Pension Drawdown Company offer a personalised solution.
Janet Pengelly

On retiring in 2007 I spent four months researching investment management companies looking for a home for my pension fund before finding Jonathan Walker and the Pension Drawdown Company . It seemed to me that the way his company operated was very different from the big providers in that investments could and would be switched quickly and easily depending upon market conditions. The financial crash happened shortly afterwards and over the next few years Jonathan and the team have managed to get my fund back close its original value as well as providing me with a pension income to live on, so in effect growth has been achieved in very demanding conditions. This has been achieved by spreading the funds across varying asset types in different theatres of the world, selling when a profit has been made and investing when opportunities arise. Having the ability to discuss the state of the market regularly (several times a year) and then make informed investment decisions means I'm confident that my fund is being actively managed according to my financial priorities.
John Block

Excellent advice and guidance throughout since 1999 on my personal pension matters. Always geared to my cautious approach but with excellent results and with reasonable and fully justified charges. Always accessible. Their service is always of a high standard and I would be happy to recommend them to others.
Gordon Oliver Solicitor, Surrey

I have known the Pension Drawdown Company since it started back in the 1990s and have watched it grow and develop a strong reputation for specialising in pensions advice. Since it has been looking after my pension I have been delighted with the performance of my fund which has more than doubled in value in 6 years. As a local businessman, I fully appreciate the importance of putting one’s trust in a firm like Pension Drawdown
John Doble Jeweller, Torquay

I have worked with Jonathan Walker for over seven years now both on my own account as well as on my parents’ and some of my clients' and close friends' accounts. He has consistently shown perceptive foresight in his investment advice that in these uncertain times has kept our investments in good shape and seen them grow very satisfactorily. You always feel that he is giving you the best advice for your circumstances rather than, in my past experiences, trying to aim you towards investments that are more immediately beneficial to the financial adviser. I trust him implicitly and am more than happy to recommend him to others.
S Crocker London NW3 (Managing Agent for Photographers & Film Directors)

Trusting my money with The Pension Drawdown Company has been one of the best financial decisions I have ever made. They have provided a reliable income for me whilst keeping my capital intact with consistent growth. They are always available to speak to on the phone. With The Pension Drawdown Company, you get what it says on the tin!
M G Inman Retired

I am extremely happy to have had The Pension Drawdown Company & Jonathan Walker advising us and managing our funds for the last ten years. He skilfully steered a safe course through the financial crisis of 2008 and has enabled our funds to achieve healthy growth year on year. Without his proactive approach we would certainly not be in such good financial shape. I like the fact that he and his team are accessible, always helpful and very pleasant to do business with but, more importantly, I am always absolutely confident that when giving advice he is tailoring it to our specific circumstances. I have complete trust in him and have no hesitation in recommending him to others.
Will Gatti Author, retired English Teacher

I have always had a financial adviser but this is a bit different, I am amazed to see the huge uplift the Pension Drawdown Company has achieved for me despite the fact that year on year the markets have been flat. The realisation of how important it is to seek a specialist in pensions, such as the Pension Drawdown Company, has become evident, as they have proved themselves to be flexible to individual needs in an ever changing financial climate.
Chris Sparkes Company Director - Town Hall Garage

During the six months both before and after my retirement I was actively looking at all of the alternatives from my pension requirements. Compared to National well-known firms I found the services from The Pension Drawdown Company and personal contact of both Jonathan Walker and Bob Diamond very reassuring. The Pension Drawdown Company have respected my wishes for a cautious approach to my investments in the initial stages and now, coming up to the first anniversary, I am more than pleased with the performance of my portfolio. It has been one of the best decisions in my life to entrust my 40 years of pension contributions to The Pension Drawdown Company. The regular quarterly updates and suggestions for improvement to my investments give me peace of mind.
Marcus Sheldon Broughton-in-Furness, Cumbria (Retired IT Manager)

In 2001 as employed and self-employed architects respectively, each with a broad range of pension and other investments, approaching pensionable age we were seeking advice regarding our personal pension holdings. Not satisfied with the impersonal and lacklustre response from large firms, a personal contact suggested Jonathan Walker of The Pension Drawdown Company. An initial meeting at our home was sufficient to convince us that a mutually satisfying working relationship could be established. Signs of problems in the pension market were apparent and our fortuitous timing combined with Jon Walker's creative and speedy response to the prevailing climate have ensured a currently healthy portfolio providing adequate funds for our needs. Although retired, we continue to be involved in some consultancy work. Regular contact to and from Jon allows for close monitoring of our funds and adjustments as and when. The working relationship established 13 years ago continues to flourish.
David & Christine Price Faversham, Kent

Pension Drawdown have managed my pension fund since 2002, and my wife's since 2004. We have been well satisfied by their active role in managing our funds, liaising regularly to recommend switches in the spread of investments to reflect the constantly changing market conditions and uncertainties. We have always been fully consulted about any changes, and have invariably been content to confirm their judgement. We have every intention of continuing to benefit from their ongoing advice, and have been happy to recommend them to potential clients.
Martin Procter Ipplepen, Devon (Established Artist, Property Developer & Entrepreneur)

I have found the Pension Drawdown Company, and in particular Mr Jonathan Walker, to be most helpful in compiling a meaningful portfolio across the board, resulting in a steady growth in funds during a difficult time. I would fully recommend his service to anybody looking for a trustworthy company.
R W Mears Totnes, Devon (Builder)

I have known Jonathan Walker for upwards of sixteen years and therefore have known him since he established on his own account The Pension Drawdown Company. He has, throughout that time, provided me with excellent advice in relation to planning my personal pension arrangements and wider choice of investments. What has impressed me during that period is the pro-active nature of the advice provided and the success Jonathan has had in building a sizeable fund, which will be able to support a level of pension payment commensurate with the liabilities I anticipate I will need to meet. He has taken care to ensure that the funds have been soundly invested and acted quickly to minimise exposure and take advantage of buying opportunities in what is a volatile market and has been such in recent years. I would be happy to recommend Jonathan and The Pension Drawdown Company to anyone who is in need of advice in the pension and investment area – he acts transparently and honestly and puts the interests of his clients before all else.
P Grafton-Green London SW13 (Managing Partner of Solicitors)

Having run my own business in the Financial Services industry for 17 years, it came as a welcome surprise to find a company in the pensions field, that offers active as opposed to passive fund review, once one has made the decision that Pension Drawdown is the route one wishes to take. In my view passive fund management is just what one does not need as far as Income Drawdown is concerned, as the adviser either does not have the time, or the expertise to manage your funds so that they achieve the growth to equal or exceed fund withdrawals, or equal or exceed the median growth of a tracker fund.  So the adviser offering passive fund management hopes that investing in a basket of funds will do the trick! With the Pension Drawdown Company I was delighted with the continual market feedback and discussions for changing funds investing in specific equities in positive market conditions.  This is an enlightened and go ahead company, and having met the management, believe it will go from strength to strength, at a time when many firms of Financial Advisers are closing down
Jeremy Hazell Frimley, Surrey (Retired Financial Adviser)

Prior to retiring I employed a Financial Adviser to review the most effective way to manage my company final salary pension. Her advice was to cash in the pension and to invest in a drawdown arrangement which she would review on a regular basis. In the event, her advice proved to be incorrect, her review and administration of the account non-existent and her fees exorbitant. As a consequence I lost a considerable sum of money. This was despite her winning an award for financial adviser of the year, and she was someone who was revered throughout the industry. I contacted The Pension Drawdown Company for assistance and they helped me to recover a six-figure sum in compensation via the Financial Ombudsman's Service and have effectively managed my account to ensure that I maximise my investment. Their service is personal and professional, their reviews are frequent and their advice first class.
James Murchie Biggin Hill, Kent (Construction Project Director)

Throughout the last 10 years, Jonathan Walker has particularly impressed me with his proactive approach. He maintains regular contact with me, providing reassurance that my investment is being monitored and often discussing with us when there are opportunities to benefit from changes within my portfolio. Jon is clearly passionate about what he does. He sets himself a high standard of performance, seeking to continually impress with his strong work focus. As a result, he has driven his business, the Pension Drawdown Company, from strength to strength.
Rebecca Procter Paignton, Devon (Partner of Wollen Michelmore Solicitors)

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