Rockwood House

Rockwood House’s history dates back to 1833, constructed by John Boyle, son of the 8th Earl of Cork and Orrery and later sold to Scotsman Ninian B Stewart, who used it as a winter residence for over 30 years. Few buildings in Torbay have as rich a history as Rockwood does, not only acting as a country retreat for the wealthy, but with the arrival of the First World War, it became one of five Red Cross hospitals in Torquay. Due to its successful medical assistance provided during WWI, it later became the UK’s HQ for Red Cross America during WWII. In 1948 several teams stayed at the hotel for the famous Olympic Games Sailing Contest and in 1950, the hotel was the headquarters of the great conference on international trade (G.A.T.T). As of 2013, it became the HQ for The Pension Drawdown Company.

Since then, the building has been extensively upgraded using skilled local workers, creating an imposing architecture with commanding views across Torbay, it has become an important asset for the town, as well as a prestigious and yet functional site for The Pension Drawdown Company.

Rockwood House early 1900s

Rockwood House Today

Rockwood House Introduction Video